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Steps, How to validate DEL (Drug Establishment License) by Canada government health authorities

Step 1:

Go to here Health Canada DEL (Drug Establishment Licenses),

Note: (Health Canada is equivalent to USFDA in USA there is nothing known as Canada FDA, the only "Federal" country level health authorities in Canada is "Health Canada") Click to icon labeled as "Drug & health product inspections "


Step 2:

Type the name of the facility or warehouse name or company name or search by location that you are looking for (as a part or in full) if you have only the address and click submit,

Step 3:

You will see list of locations or companies that match your search criteria,

Click on the name under Establishment name, to take you to the Licensing information.

Note: Click on most recent inspection to get most recant information.

Step 4 :

Verify the facility information, and look to Currently Licensed: if you see YES, that mean this facility are currently licensed at the time you are checking, and if there is any issue Health Canada will update it as this system is live. you can also reach out to Health Canada for further information.


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